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San Diego Italian Plaster

Popular Venetian & Italian Plaster Finishes



This popular upscale plaster is resin based and burnishes to a beautiful high gloss finish. It is smooth and cool to the touch and is washable, patchable and very durable. Veneziano can be applied in any color or as a bicolor finish.

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100% limestone plaster. Calcenova's low gloss finish is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. Give your walls the "dipped in marble" look.

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Rasa Calce

A resin and lime based plaster. This plaster actually cracks and has "nooks and crannies" to create an authentic "old world" look.

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A custom metallic finish in gold, bronze, silver or copper that provides an elegant touch to any decor.

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Stucco Romano

A very "stucco like" look, this plaster is a great finish for the right decor. Stucco Romano finishes are typically in the tan to brown color palate.

san diego italian plaster stucco romano

Stucco Valentino

A unique plaster style combining a marble-like finish with an old world look. Stucco Valentino is often used on fireplaces and accent walls.

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