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San Diego Italian Plaster

Italian And Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is a relatively modern term used to describe an ancient stuccoed surface coating. Like many traditional plastering techniques, this one achieves it's effect with a combination of unique materials and skilled application.

The recipe for Venetian plaster is based on a mix of aged slaked lime, ground marble dust, and pigment. At one time, Roman craftsmen went through a laborious and painstaking number of steps to achieve the intended effect. Now, Venetian Plaster Pro can create the same custom effect for your home or office.

Create your own unique and exclusive design. Choose from over 1200 colors and 30 plasters - old world to contemporary finishes.

A painted wall will never be able to duplicate the mood, feel, and depth of true Italian Plaster.

Let's turn ordinary walls into art!


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